Pie Day with the Proctors

When you are an engineer, operate an IT company, and homeschool your children, of course, you celebrate Pi Day….right? Well, we do here in the Proctor house (home of the Rivermatrix owners). While Pi Day was just a little over a month ago, I am just now getting around to writing about it. Believe me, the day was about everything round. First, we started off the day with a round breakfast. I made homemade buttermilk pancakes.

Of course, I did not make pancakes on Pi Day. It fell on a Monday this year. I strategically prepared them Sunday and the kids reheated them Monday morning for breakfast. The kids had pizza for lunch. Seth had Papa John’s (his favorite) and Sloan had a flatbread from Panera (it was still round sorta). She does not care for Papa John’s. For a special treat, the kids had cookies filled with ice cream. My favorite part of the day was the discussion of Pi of course. I wrote Pi Day on the board. No…really I wrote “Pie.” I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I was hungry.

We talked about the origin of pi and the application of pi. I wrote pi out to 9 significant digits 3.1415192653. Initially, I wrote it out to seven signification digits 3.14159267 and my son yelled out, “Mom, pi only happens once a century.” I was so proud. I hugged him and told him that I was so happy to see that he was paying attention and he was correct. No…really, I called him a nerd and told him that I loved the fact that he was a nerd. LOL. I have a thing for nerds. I really did hug him. How cool was it for my nine-year-old to notice this? I followed with, “but isn’t it more fun to celebrate annually?” He agreed, so we settled with 3.14, because of course this is why we celebrate every March 14. However, to be more precise we know that we sometimes need to take pi out a few digits. I hope you all enjoyed Pi Day as much as we did.